About Us

Young Carers Bucks is the young carers service for Carers Bucks and supports children and young people aged 5-16 years old who care for a family member who has a:

  • physical disability (including sensory impairment).
  • learning disability.
  • long-term illness, with clear diagnosis.
  • terminal illness.
  • mental illness, with clear diagnosis.
  • drug or alcohol dependency.
  • or who is elderly.

The cared for person may be a parent, sibling or another relative living in the same household. The child or young person does not necessarily have to be providing ‘hands on’ care to be recognised as a young carer. Even if there are services in place and other members of the family helping with the care, the emotional impact and restrictions due to illness or disability can still have an enormous effect on the young carer.

Young carers are supported in a variety of ways:

  • regular clubs and activities
  • one-to-one support where needed
  • someone to talk to who understands
  • targeted group work
  • information, advice and signposting
  • opportunity to meet with other young carers
  • support in schools